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Dolomites high alpine routes 9 & 10

The Dolomites High Alpine Route 9 is the only one which does not run from North to South but from West to East.

The High Alpine Route 10 however runs actually outside the Dolomites area. It is the most longest route and reserved only to experienced climbers. It goes from Bozen over the Nonsberger Alps and over the Brenta Alps to Lake Garda.

Dolomites alpine path 9

For the 180 km of the High Alpine Route you will need 14 days. From Bozen go by bus to Tiers. From there on foot through the Tschamintal Valley and Grasleiten Valley to Tierser All Refuge (4.5 hours). The next day to Duron Pass, to Plattkofel Refuge and on Friedrich-August-Path to Forcella di Rondella and to Sellajoch Pass (3.5 hours). There on the street for 30 minutes. In a right-hand bend take path 656 into Val Lasties and to Forcella d’Antersass. From there you reach the Boè Refuge (3.5 hours). The day after hike to Piz Boè and to Rigufio Franz Kostner a Vallon, to Crep de Mont and finally to Campolongo Pass (3 hours).

The 4th day reaching Pomedes Refuge is the target. You reach it in 4 hours passing by Incisa Pass, and Val Parola Pass. From there you have to wander to Falzarego Pass. Take the cable car there to reach the Lagazuoi Refuge. From the Forcella Col de Bos and over the airy Sentiero Astaldi Path to Pomedes Refuge (3.5 hours). At the 5 day to Refuge Duca d’Aosta and on Mt. Col Drusciè. From there with the cable car to Cortina d’Ampezzo.

From Cortina with the chairlift to Mietres Refuge and then to Forcella de Zumeles, to San Froca Pass and to San Froca Refuge (2.5 hours. From the Refuge to the South side of Monte Cristallo, to Passo Tre Croci and to Misurina. From there with the chairlift to Col de Varda Reduge (3 hours). The day after on Sentiero Bonacossa-Path to Fondo Savio Refuge and to Auronzo Refuge (4 hours). The next day over Mt. Patern Sattel to Bivacco de Toni and to Carducci Refuge (5 hours).

Now comes the most demanding part: From Carducci Refuge over Forcella Giralba and on the difficult Alpini-path to A. Berti di Popera Refuge (4 hours). From there the next day to Forcella dei Camosci and to Bivacco Piovan and over the Forcella Rocca di Campo to Casa Aiarnola and to Zovo Pass (4 hours). From there to Dante di Cadore and finally to Santo Stefano di Cadore, the destination of this great hiking tour.

Dolomites alpine path 10

The 200 km long high alpine route 10 is manageable in 18 days. The whole path is very difficult and demanding. We present the single stages only shortly:

  • Crossing of Mendelkamm: from Bozen to Andrian, Personing, Mendelpass, Überetscher Hütte Refuge, Predàia Refuge, Sfruz and Cles
  • Crossing Brenta area: From Cles to Refuge Peller, Refuge Graffer al Grostè, Refuge Tuckett, Refuge Brentei, Refuge T. Pedrotti alla Tosa, Refuge Agostini, Refuge XII Apostoli, Binio, Larzana, Preore and Zuclo.
  • Crossing Val di Ledro Alps: from Zuclo to Malghe Stabio, Refuge Pernici, Pieve di Ledro, Refuge Garda, Magasa, Capovalle, Passo Cavallino, Refuge Pirlo, Trattoria Colomber and Gardone Riviera.

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Seiser Alm
Seiser Alm

View of Mt.Langkofel and Mt. Plattkofel

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Sella Pass
Sella Pass

Hike nearby the Sella peaks

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