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Mt. Schneebiger Nock

Mount Schneebiger Nock has many famous neighbours, which are, like him, over 3,000 m high.

For example: Magerstein, Hochgall, Schwarze Wand, Morgenkofel and Windschar, Rauchkofel, Fensterlekofel or Wasserkopf.

All of them are part of the Rieserferner mountain group in Tauferer Ahrntal Valley. Read more about the ascent from Rein in Taufers via Kasseler Refuge to Mount Schneebiger Nock.

Tour description

Starting point is Rein in Taufers. Pass the cross-country skiing centre and go on to Gasthaus Säge Inn. Leave your car there and take path 8 to Kasseler Refuge (2276 m above sea level). After 1,5 hours you will arrive there.

Below the refuge cross the Tristenbach river and follow path 1 to the northern ridge (some easy climbing parts) and over the steep glacier (attention when it is icy: don’t forget to take the climbing irons with you). After you have cross the glacier you come to the last ridge and finally to the peak of Mount Schneebiger Nock.

The way back is the same as the ascent. Alternatively, you can also descent on the eastern ridge. But this route is more difficult and longer and furthermore you reach not Kasseler Refuge but the Rieserferner Refuge.

Details of the tour:

  • Length: 10 hours
  • Altimeters: 1919 m
  • Level of difficulty: medium difficult

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