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Lama trekking in Ritten

This will be a great experience and exotic trip for your holiday in South Tyrol, a lama trekking in the fantastic scenery of South Tyrol in Ritten, along the panoramic paths and in the middle of the remarkably beautiful landscape of Ritten high plateau.

Excursions with lamas or alpacas are a special highlight during your holidays in South Tyrol. As lamas are very peaceful animals, they had to transport loads up and down in the past.

On Ritten in South Tyrol, your lama or alpaca carries your speck, bread and wine, for instance to the earth pyramids in Ritten.

After a long walk, the group enjoys a nice picnic surrounded by a unique natural landscape, while the lamas and alpacas have a little rest.

Further information:

Lama and alpaca breeding Kaserhof
Geirerweg 26 – I-39059 Oberbozen/Ritten
Tel.: +39 0471 345 046

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