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Biking & Hiking with children

Hiking and Biking with the whole family in South Tyrol!

Mountain biking in South Tyrol with the whole family

Choosing a mountain bike-trip with children call for other criteria as if the participants are only fit adults. Important with biking with children are wide and easy cycle tracks, shadow, picnic facilities and – not to forget: a lot of variety.

Children in fact are getting bored fast, most of all if they must always ride slowly behind their parents: they are getting quickly frustrated.

Fortunately, South Tyrol is a mountainous country. Countless valleys are stretching through them, countless passes are connecting one and another valley, and not to forget 8 Nature Parks are protecting South Tyrol’s landscape. In the Nature Parks cars are banned and the forest trails are wide enough for hikers AND bikers. Moreover, at the roadside there is much to discover: forest animals, different tree species, alpine flowers and different herbs, for example.

In the valleys, however, there are many paved bicycle paths, which connect the cities and villages together. They are perfect for a bike-tour with the whole family! After all, you can stop and turn back all the time, there are many picnic facilities and in the end you can also take public transport to come back to your starting point!

Hiking in South Tyrol

Tours and excursions for family in South Tyrol

If you spend the holidays with your family and children is not the case for taking trips at high altitude, but there are many paths to medium or small difficulties that there will still be fun!

The South Tyrol's mountains offer countless opportunities for pleasant hiking to be done with the whole family!

Excursions to the huts, hiking, walking in the woods or in the green meadows and much more. Children certainly like these little excursions, but perhaps appreciate more stop at the refuge with the typical Tyrolean snack based on cheese and fresh, home-made cakes and good milk!

In addition to the more classical walks, South Tyrol also offers alternatives and new proposals that you can discover on holiday.

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