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Freeride Bike Day on Mt. Rosskopf

Where: Mt. Rosskopf, Sterzing
Region: Eisacktal

If your mountain bike is still in the cellar, in springtime you should absolutely get it out, clean and polish it, because Mt. Rosskopf invites to the first free-ride session of the season.

The Freeride Bike Day on Mt. Rosskopf is a must for brave bikers and free riders, because it is one of the few events throughout the region that is dedicated to downhill sports. 

Advantageous: The cableways are open and save bikers the arduous rise. Furthermore during the Bike Day you can test news bikes provided by different labels and make courses to improve driving techniques with the pros.

Of course, you can use the opportunity to explore the trails from Mt. Rosskopf down to the valley and to compare notes with other free riders. 

Further information: 

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Freeride Bike Day on Mt. Rosskopf
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  • 22/05/2010
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