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Climatic therapy night-time hike to Partschins waterfall

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The night hike to Partschins waterfall with a climatic therapist strengthens body and soul and inspires as an extraordinary nocturnal nature experience.

From June to September, a climatic terrain cure at night is offered in Partschins every Wednesday. A climatic terrain cure is a special form of exercise therapy, improving well-being and strengthening the immune system. Start is at 8.30 pm at the tourist office Partschins. There, a certified climatic therapist will set the participants' fitness watches and measure their pulse and blood pressure. Participants will be provided with a fitness watch and a headlamp for the event.

Equipped in this way, the participants hike together to the Partschins waterfall for about an hour under expert guidance for endurance and thermoregulation training. Even before arriving at the destination, the Partschins waterfall makes itself felt through the increasingly loud splashing of the water and the increasingly humid air. With a drop height of 95 metres, it is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the Alps. It is also a climatic health resort whose special climate is good for your health. 

Registration is required for the event: It can be made until the day before at the tourist office in Partschins, at the tourist office in Rabland or online. The price is 31.50 € per person for guests with GuestCard and locals aged 16 and over. This includes the return shuttle from the waterfall to the village centre of Partschins and the booking fee.

Tourist office Partschins, Rabland, Töll
Spaureggstr. 10 - 39020 Partschins
+39 0473 967 157
07.06.2023 - 27.09.2023
Time: 20:30 - 23:30 o'clock
Tourist office Partschins - Partschins-Rabland
Adults: 32 €

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