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Naturns laughs

To all fans of humor we recommend the next edition of the international humour summer called “Naturns laughs”. There surely won’t be a dry eye in the place.

Mimic artists, satires and smug sketches, local actors, international cabaret artists and famous comedy stars – and all that in front of a unique scenery in the open air… This is the humour summer in Naturns, each Tuesday and Friday at 9 pm, with the meaningful motto: “Naturns laughs”.

The program on the open-air stage of the town hall in Naturns lasts more than two weeks, and it includes entertaining, musical and funny acts for young and old alike.

Further information:
Organizer: Naturns laughs!
Street: Hauptstr. 47
Venue: I-39025 Naturns
Tel.: +39 334 702 7027
02.08.2022 - 19.08.2022
Time: 21:00 o'clock
Outdoor theatre - Naturns

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