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Concert Night journey

Where: Maretsch Castle, Bozen
Region: Bozen and environs

Round your day off in a pleasant atmosphere and embark on a journey through music literature of the last five centuries with the Singkreis Runkelstein choir!

The Singkreis Runkelstein choir invites to a very special music event on Sunday, 23rd October 2016. At Maretsch castle in Bozen, interested listeners enjoy first-class musical performances with the Singkreis Runkelstein, directed by Elmar Grasser, giving up the choir direction with this concert.

In addition to wonderful songs, piano music and the “Trio Clari-Nocte” clarinet ensemble, the “Wien Neubau” choir, directed by Professor Walter Zeh performs a magical sound experience. The audience looks forward to major choir works for soli and orchestra as well as to typical Viennese and folkloristic songs.

The “Night journey” programme includes works by Mozart, Brahms, Puccini, Strauß (son) and Bach. So, the various performances are a tribute to spiritual and secular choir literature of various epochs, performed a cappella, accompanied by instruments or by orchestra.

Reservation is not necessary. Entrance fee per person: 10 €.

Further information:

Singkreis Runkelstein - Bozen

Photo © Singkreis Runkelstein

Concert Night journey
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  • 23/10/2016
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