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Walpurgis Night

Where: Lengstein/Longostagno, Ritten
Region: Bozen and environs

The witches get together every year to have a wild party at the "Hexenbödele" in Lengstein on Ritten in the Walpurgis Night! Whereas only the courageous people dared to observe the witches in the old days, everybody is invited to participate today!

This unique event is based on the old stories and legends about the wild dancing witches on Walpurgis Night. Only the most courageous boys dared to visit the Hexenbödele (the witches’ glade) in Lengstein on Ritten to watch the magical meeting of the witches in this mysterious night.

Today is everybody welcome to this special party, which takes place on 30th April 2019 in the hall of the voluntary fire brigade Lengstein. Entertaining music, dishes, drinks, a lot of excitement and fun and the mysterious atmosphere make the Walpurgis Night on Ritten into an unforgettable experience.

Who wants, can also wear a matching witch or wizard costume, so the party will make twice as much fun.

Visit the holiday region Ritten in Walpurgis Night and experience a really special party with a magical atmosphere, which fills not only witches and wizards with enthusiasm!

Walpurgis Night
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  • 30/04/2019
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