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Speed skating week Lake Reschen

Where: Lake Reschen, Graun im Vinschgau
Region: Vinschgau

For skilled people it is a great enjoyment to dash with maximum speed on blades over the ice. The pleasure is even bigger, if they can do this together with like-minded ice-skaters. If then the ice rink is a natural one located on a frozen lake in the middle of a picturesque winter landscape, the speed skating experience is perfect at all events.

Therefore speed skaters and speed skating fans shouldn’t miss the Dutch Speed Skating Week on Lake Reschen. From 16th to 23rd February 2013 in Reschen and Graun in Vinschgau everything is about this quick kind of winter sport.

Among other things the program includes speed skating marathons of the so called "Alternative Eleven Cities Tour" (19th and 22nd February). The participants of the marathon start at 7 am in order to cope till 5 pm with the distance of 200 kilometers on the frozen Lake Reschen.

There, they have to go sixteen times through the 12.5 kilometer long natural ice rink. The whole showground for speed skaters and spectators with start, finish, catering stations and more will also be erected right on the ice. 

Further information:

Tourist office Reschenpass
I-39027 Graun
Tel.: +39 0473 633 101

Speed skating week Lake Reschen Speed skating week Lake Reschen Speed skating week Lake Reschen Speed skating week Lake Reschen
Sport Sport
Entertainment Entertainment
16/02/2013 - 23/02/2013
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