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Kneipp Rally South Tyrol

Where: Kneipp Park, Niederdorf
Region: Hochpustertal

In Niederdorf this year will take place the first Kneipp rally in South Tyrol. Everyone who’s interested and older than six years may attend the rally and approach the topic by learning and doing.

The Kneipp therapy is named after its inventor, Sebastian Kneipp, who has created an integral philosophy of health. Today, in our hectic times we need to relax our body as well as our mind. For several years the hydrotherapy has become popular among young and old alike.

Movement makes us feel good and healthy, but it isn’t necessary to run a marathon. It’s known that the Kneipp cure is very effective, even if it’s not that exhausting as other exercises – particularly in Niederdorf, because it has the only park which offers certified Kneipp-fun at such a high level.

In addition to the free use of the entire park, the rally includes games, dances, tastings and numerous workshops, where you can obtain valuable information about health and care. So the Kneipp Rally is a lot of fun for the whole family and you even do something good for your body and soul.

The event is organized by the Kneipp Association South Tyrol and is divided into various stages and localities. The participation is free and highly recommended. Treat yourself to a relaxing day in Niederdorf – your body will reward you!

Further information:

Kneipp Association South Tyrol
Phone: +39 340 819 17 19
E-mail: info(at)

Kneipp Rally South Tyrol
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  • 01/09/2012
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