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Fly fishing World Championships

Where: Prags-Toblach, Prags
Region: Hochpustertal

In Prags will be held the 31st World Championship of fly fishing! South Tyrol has always been known for sports like hiking, biking, skiing, climbing and almost every other kind of sport!

The lakes and streams in South Tyrol, also open sporting opportunities to other discipline, perhaps like fishing! 

This year, the Prags Lake and some streams in St. George and Gais will host a unique event, from 28th  August to 4th  September 2011: the Fly-fishing World Championships 2011.

Fly fishing, is a fishing technique that uses special lure. For this type of fishing, the necessary equipment consists of: cane of different lengths, fly line (the fishing line used), and various accessories in support of the fisherman. The bait must be thrown several meters away and to do that you need to know technical details about  launch, sometimes very complicated and certainly very nice to see for those who will watch the race.

The arrival of the participants at the World Championship is scheduled for Saturday 27th August. The games will be inaugurated on 28th August and on 29th August, at 05:00 pm, there will be a parade of different nationalities in Bruneck, followed by a visit to the Messner Mountain Museum. 

On Tuesday 30th August, will hold official practice at 6:30 am. During the following days will be held 2 test, one in morning and one in the afternoon with a packed lunch.

On Friday will be held in Haus der Kultur in Ferrara, Prags, a Symposium on the Protection of trout. At 10:00 pm there will be a gala dinner at the Hotel Lake Prags, followed by the awards ceremony.

NB: The program may has some changes.

Fly fishing World Championships
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28/08/2011 - 04/09/2011
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