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Ötzi Bike Academy

Biking is trendy. Also in South Tyrol. To give consideration to the Trend in the tourism board of Naturns established the Ötzi Bike Academy.

The bike academy consists of professional bike guides, which are offering cycling tours of every level in and around Naturns in South Tyrol. The academy provides also technique trainings, GPS Track Uploads, GPS-equipment and bike weeks.

The bike academy in Naturns banks on healthy movement in the nature and on the trend of healthy sports. Team orientated training takes centre and not the stop-watch.

Advantages for bikers: 

  • First class supervision for every trainings-level
  • Unique bike experiences
  • The team experience stands before the singular benefit
  • New nature experiences for all the guests

The Ötzi Bike Academy collaborates with many partner-businesses, which have to fulfil a lot of charges: lockable bike rooms, bike tools, laundry service, bike- and equipment rental.

Further information:

Ötzi Bike Academy Naturns
Phone: +39 347 130 0926 (Nischler Klaus)