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Downhill trail Herrnsteig

The protective gear is a bit uncomfortable, but the helmet fits well and the bike is prepared for the first bends. Eight kilometres of pure downhill fun are waiting for us!

The downhill trail Herrnsteig keeps it promises - with countless ground loops and bumps, closely followed by artificial bridges, jumps and bumpy passages through the forest. Occasional bikers are scared to death and extreme sports deniers throw their hands up in horror, while freeriders are overjoyed.

Freeriding on Mt. Kronplatz

The small but committed downhill community is very pleased about the first official freeride trail that was opened on Mt. Kronplatz in 2010. It starts on the summit of the well-known skiing mountain, which is reachable by cable car also during the summer month. The finish is about 1,300 meters of difference in altitude further down next to the valley station in Reischach, after a track of 8 km.

During the last years, a few other trails have been established around Mt. Kronplatz. Most of them can also be reached by cableway. The Gassl Trail is ideal for beginners and winds goes on the eastern slope of Mt. Kronplatz to the valley station of Olang. The Furcia Trail was made for advanced cyclists and experts, is 4 km long and goes from the summit to Furkel Pass. Moreover there is Piz de Plaies Trail in St. Vigil, with a length of 4 km for advanced cyclists and experts. This trail can be reached with the Pedegà cableway. The Korer and Andreas Trails are a little bit shorter and not connected to the lift facilities.

If this won’t do either you start up for a second turn or you lap in the pump track. There you ideally cruise without pedaling over bumps and bends, but this requires somewhat of driving technique. Just as the nearby fun line also the pump track is very suited to improve skills or even to make acquaintance of this sport.

Well armed is half done

Whether beginners or pros, without appropriate equipment nobody comes down on the Herrnsteig trail. For the action-packed downhill drive on the one hand you need a complete armour, protectors for arms and legs, gauntlets and a helmet. In this way tumbles and falls may end still a little bit softer and more secured.

On the other hand for a downhill tour you can’t use a usual city or mountain bike, but only a very robust bicycle including shocks, good brackets and extra hard-wearing tires. If you don’t have adapted protective clothing and/or a downhill bike you can borrow it on the spot in the Outdoor Center Kronplatz.

Regrettably they don’t lend out concentration, ability to respond and balance, as well as a certain dose of courage. But you have to get up the nerve if you hurl yourself into the adventure downhill. However if you try freeriding on Mt. Kronplatz once, you will detect how much addictive potential it has.

Last but not least this is due to the fact that the forestry and a couple of volunteers rebuild and maintain the trail every summer with precision work and with great passion.