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South Tyrol’s best mountain huts

The best way to conclude an excursion in the mountains of South Tyrol is to stop in one of the cosy mountain huts, where you can take a rest and taste typical hearty dishes of the region.

Here are some of the best and most beautiful mountain huts in South Tyrol:

Roner Alm on the Alp of Rodeneck-Lüsen

On the longest high-alpine pasture in Europe, the Alp of Rodeneck-Lüsen, there is the new Roner Alm hut. In the middle of a picturesque Alpine landscape with meadows and woods on 1,832 m, the guests are offered wonderful rooms and suites. The fine Alpine cuisine, Alpine wellness and unlimited possibilities for active guests guarantee unique holiday experiences.

Open in summer and in winter
Tel. +39 0472 546 016

Fodara Vedla - Sennes

Some people choose this refuge because of the delicious apple strudel, others because of the pretty dairymaids and still others because of the fantastic view to the nearby mountains. Undoubtedly, from the terrace in front of the hut you can enjoy a truly unique panorama, the culinary program is very tasty and you have also the possibility to stay overnight in some very comfortable rooms.

Open in winter and in summer
Tel. +39 0474 501 093

Refuge Friedrich August - Col Rodella

It is not always necessary to walk for hours to reach a shelter. For instance, this proves the refuge Friedrich August, which in fact is a more romantic hotel than a refuge, located at 2,300 m above sea level. In the traditional snuggery you can enjoy typical dishes or relax on the sunny terrace. Some rooms for an overnight stay are available, too.

Open in winter and in summer
Tel. +39 0462 764 919

Latscher alp lodge - Latsch

The Latscher alp lodge is situated at 1,715 m above sea level, above the village Latsch. It offers a very breathtaking panorama and the farmer still produces local products like cheese and bacon, according to ancient traditions. One of the most popular products is the “Almkäse” (alp cheese) and you should also taste some typical dishes. The mountain shelter can be reached either on foot along the path starting in Latsch or by chairlift, which leads up to 1.200 m.

Open from June to October
Fam. Mantinger
Tel. +39 334 1562692

Mastaun alp lodge - Schnals

This refuge is more than 200 years old and located above the village Unsere Frau in Schnals at about 1,800 m above sea level. It is reachable through a quite easy and not to long walking path. In the alpine lodge you can regain energy with some delicious dishes, including “Knödel” (dumplings), stews with meat or “Schmarren” (kind of pancake).

Open from June to October,
Tel. +39 393 496102188

Alpine hut Rudi - Sexten

The hut Rudi is one of the best shelters in Sexten in the Dolomites, famous above all for its funny and cosy atmosphere. The innkeeper is a great musician and zither player. Refreshing drinks and tasty dishes are available as well. The refuge is located at about 2,000 and can be reached either on foot or by chairlift.

Open in summer and in winter
Tel. +39 0474 710 436

Alpine hut Zufallhütte - Martell

Martell is the oldest and most traditional valleys in South Tyrol and an ideal destination for hikers and nature lovers. The alp lodge at 2,265 m above sea level can be reached in a one-hour walk. The atmosphere of the refuge is warm and welcoming and it offers a really excellent cuisine. The servings are known to be particularly generous – exactly the right thing we need after a nice trip.

Open in summer and in winter
Tel. +39 0473 744 785

Refuge Heilig Kreuz - Alta Badia

The refuge above the historical valley Alta Badia is a popular destination for tourists and pilgrims. Since more than 200 years it gives shelter to visitors and today it can be reached not only by foot, but also by chairlift. In any case, you can enjoy a peerless view to the nature park Puez-Geisler.

Open in summer and in winter
Tel. +39 0471 839 632

Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol
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I-39037 Mühlbach (BZ) - Grossbergstr. 11
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Kasseler Hütte
Kasseler Hütte

A well-known refuge is the refuge Kasseler, above Riva/Rein,about 2-hour walk far from Rein/Riva.

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Mountain hut in Villnöss
Mountain hut in Villnöss

The countless mountain huts along the hiking paths in Villnöss perfectly suit the unique natural landscape.

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Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park
Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park

Alpine huts

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Refuge Rieserfern
Refuge Rieserfern

The refuge Rieserfern can be reached from Antholz or Rein and it is situated at 2,792 m above sea level.

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