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Vinschgau high alpine route

It seems that people in Vinschgau really like hiking: nearly 108 km, more than 5,600 m of altitude, 32 hours of walking time, partly difficult and secured mountain path...

But don’t worry – you do not have to manage this on one day. But you should be quite fit, persistent and sure-footed, if you want to do this multi-day tour through the sunny side of the valley Vinschgau in western South Tyrol.

Of course, you can pick out just the stage you like most. And naturally, on the way you will pass many breakpoints, including rustic mountain huts and new inns, where you can have a rest and where you find also a place for the night.

Those, who decide to explore the Vinschgau by foot, will get to know the region in all its details. This high alpine tour starts in the vicinity of Naturns and ends in Reschen. The way goes uphill and downhill, along old paths and new ones. Not only the several stages are very varied, but also the landscape, the mountain pastures, the menus in the refuges, as well as the sights you will pass by.

For instance, hikers will see several famous places, including the church tower immersed in the Lake Reschen, Glurns as smallest town in the Alps or the marble quarry in Laas. Other sights are the mighty buildings of the castle Churburg or Reinhold Messner’s castle Juval, the prehistoric hilltop site Ganglegg in Schluderns or the monastery Marienberg in Burgeis.

Stages of the high alpine tour Vinschgau:

  • Castle Juval near Kastelbell – top station St. Martin im Kofel near Latsch (difficult hiking trail)
  • St. Martin im Kofel near Latsch – Paflur near Laas (difficult mountain trail)
  • Paflur near Laas – Glieshof in Matsch near Mals (difficult mountain trail) 
  • Glieshof in Matsch near Mals – Muntetschinig near Tarsch (difficult mountain trail)
  • Muntetschinig near Tarsch – Planeil near Mals (easy hiking trail) 
  • Planeil near Mals – spring of the river Etsch in Reschen (difficult mountain trail)

Details of the tour:

  • Path length in total: 108 km
  • Difference in altitude uphill and downhill: 5,646 m - 4,633 m
  • Walking time in total: about 32 hours
  • Path number: 2A (“Vinschger Höhenweg”)