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Climbing parks

The hands on the rocks, the fingers in the smallest chink, the legs angled. The next draft, the knees begin to tremble.

Don’t give up right now, don’t lose the balance. Take a deep breath, take a look to the next grip, breath out, extrude the knees and it is done: the crux lies behind of me!

Climbing is a really special sport. Climbing stands or falls with body-control, with experience, with the faith in your partner and most of all with the inner balance.

South Tyrol is climbing territory. Fixed rope routes in the Dolomites are known in half Europe, alpine climbing routes in Ortler area, Rieserferner area, Texelgruppe area and naturally in the Dolomites are very famous since decades and even today very challenging. More and more popular is sports-climbing in South Tyrol: now there are more than 100 climbing gardens in South Tyrol.

Here we show to our mountain enthusiasts an overview of the most spectacular fixed rope routes, the easiest alpine routes for beginners and last but not least a list of the climbing gardens and indoor halls in South Tyrol.