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South Tyrol’s most romantic places

Thanks to the unique landscapes and the wonderful sunsets in South Tyrol you will experience many romantic and unforgettable moments. You just have to stop for a few minutes and to observe the beauty of nature all around.

Here we present you some of the best places throughout the alpine region for you and your lover – it will be love at first glance.

Lake Fennberger - Kurtatsch

The lake Fennberg above Kurtatsch is a secret place, surrounded by trees and beautiful woods. Who doesn’t know it, cannot even imagine that in Fennberg there is a romantic lake, where you can relax and spend romantic hours during the summer month.

“Knottnkino” - Hafling

The so called “Knottnkino” is a kind of natural cinema that offers a unique view to the holiday region Meran and environs and on the mountains of the Texelgruppe. To admire the show are available thirty iron and wood chairs. In this natural paradise will not be disturbed by anyone. You reach this place by a half-hour walk starting in Hafling, where you can park your car next to the Hotel Alpenrose.

Guesthouse Briol - Barbian

It was over 20 years ago that the architect Hubert Lanziger had transformed the richest tourism house in Bozen in the style of modern Vienna. The Briol shows this style today, with 13 bedrooms and a magical dining room. From the terrace you can enjoy a splendid view from Eisacktal to the peaks of the Dolomites.

Lake Pragser Wildsee - Hochpustertal

This is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic lakes of Pustertal. You can rent a rowboat and enjoy the beautiful landscape from the centre of the lake. The water is pretty cold to swim even in summer.

Ruins Rafenstein - Bozen

In the shadow of the famous castle Runkelstein are the ruins of Rafenstein, in north of Bozen. Here you can enjoy a splendid view of Bozen and Etschtal, almost up to Salurn. In the fourteenth century, the fortress was built shortly thereafter abandoned. This is an ideal place for a walk to the ruins. The road to reach the fortress is however narrow and winding.

Ruins Castelfeder - Neumarkt

The view from the ruins of this ancient fortress is truly a unique spectacle. On the road leading there you can see all the splendour of the Mediterranean landscape of the Southern South Tyrol. As the legend has it that in this place was hidden an old treasure and it is said that there is also a ghost.

Wildbad - Innichen

Until about 100 years ago South Tyrol was a summer resorts of kings, queens, princes and princesses. Among the most famous places: the Wildbad in Innichen – a hotel and castle in the middle of the forest, abandoned after World War I. In order to reach the ruins you have to walk about half an hour from the main road between Sexten and Innichen trough the forest. 

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