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Bicycle rentals in South Tyrol

Let's say you go with your partner and your two children in the summer for some holidays to South Tyrol.

Besides swimming pool visits, excursion, city tours and castle visits, you want to undertake also some bike-tours. But buckling four wheels on the roof of your car: it really pays off?

Wheel carrier promises a lot. The ADAC each year tests wheel carrier, the results are often devastating: in the year 2005 16 wheel carriers were tested but recommended were only three, all others were braking in curves. Wheels fell on the street or on the windscreen: Accidents are inevitable.

South-tirol.com recommends to rent bike and accessories at your holidays’ destination. In Vinschgau, for example, there are bike rentals at every train station. Buying an event card you obtain reduced rental rates, reduced admission prices for swimming pools and museums.

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