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For family safety use the helmet

Often there is some confusion about it, the helmet is mandatory or not? For what age? What kind of helmet should be worn?

Regardless of laws or obligations, we can advise that the helmet, in activities such as cycling, skiing, horse riding, it must be worn mainly for the security and not just by children.

The helmet on the ski slopes is now rightly been made compulsory for children under 14 years, that decision has greatly reduced the risks of accidents!

Many other activities, however, require the same safety standards, such as a bike.

Even those who want to go to Lienz along the 40 miles of cycling must wearing helmet! Big and small!

Even for hiking in the mountains a helmet is an indispensable friend who will ensure that the family holiday in South Tyrol proceed without unpleasant surprises! At the end serves little: wear a helmet and some small respect rules of good behaviour!

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