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140 years of tourism in Eppan

Where: Eppan, Eppan an der Weinstraße
Region: Southern South Tyrol

The year 2012 will be an important year for Eppan, a year of celebrations and special events, old and new, all focused on a single theme: the 140th anniversary of tourism in the country.

Eppan is one of the most famous and popular places on the famous wine route of South Tyrol, which annually attracts lovers of good wine and good food, from spring to late autumn!

The tourist tradition has ancient origins in Eppan! On 22nd September, 1872 the then government of South Tyrol, with headquarters in Vienna, approved the statute presented by the "Churchill & Verschönerungsverein Eppan" giving Eppan the title of "resort".

To properly celebrate the 140 years of tourism in Eppan was not enough, however, a single event! That 's why we decided to stretch the festivities inside a year organizing events, exhibitions, activities and events for  this important anniversary.

The events of the jubilee:

In addition to traditional events held in Eppan, there are also special events and initiatives that will entertain, amuse and surprise! We present a few:

  • Exposure: Eppan in the literature
  • Trilogy of the senses, an evening gala in the sign of the Habsburgs
  • Karl May Festival
  • Anniversary parade and "Musical Entertainment
  • "Eppaner Bauernkuchl"
  • Elementary and middle school - Project "140 years of tourism in Eppan"
  • The wines Jubilee
140 years of tourism in Eppan
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23/03/2012 - 31/10/2012
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