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Deer exhibition

Where: National park house naturatrafoi, Sulden-Stilfs
Region: Vinschgau

The deer is a fairly common animal in the forests of South Tyrol, but we can say we truly know this species, native to the grasslands, with a highly developed sense of smell and hearing and a view able to range to 300 °?

From 7th May 7 to 30th October. during the exhibition, that will be held in the visitor center "naturatrafoi" in  the Stelvio National Park, nature and animals lovers, will be able to see, these beautiful animals and know everything about their habits!

For example, did you know that even if this animals love being in a group, most of the time they are in groups of only males or only females? Males, in fact, form, until the breeding season, distinct and separate flocks. This is just one of many things that you can discover during the show that will let you know, habitat, habits, characteristics and behavior of one of the most beautiful and powerful animals that inhabit the forests of South Tyrol. 

The visit to the exhibition will also be a good opportunity to visit the Stelvio National Park, one of the parks of South Tyrol, which extends into the heart of the central Alps and includes the entire massif Ortles - Cevedale. Inside you can see a wide variety of morphological and ecosystems, mainly due to large differences in height, from 650 m in the valley up to 3900 m of the peaks of the glaciers.

Dates and times:

From 7th May to 30th October from Tuesday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 14:30 to 18:00. Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 14:30 to 18: 00.


Trafoi, 57
I - 39020 Stelvio
Tel+ 39 0473 6120 31
Fax + 39 0473 6122 84

Deer exhibition Deer exhibition Deer exhibition Deer exhibition
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07/05/2011 - 30/10/2011
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