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Felt slippers

During the cold winter the parts of the body that suffering for the low temperatures are undoubtedly the feet and the hands. For your hands a pair of wool gloves, soft and warm are perfect.

For the feet instead, when you are at home, the ideal characteristics are felt slippers, made with wool and by  hand.

In South Tyrol, many artisans still made the distinctive garment that besides being very hot, it is also very nice.

The traditions were in fact adequate to what is fashionable today, making felt slippers in various shapes and colors, suitable for young and old, able to really satisfy all tastes!

Shops in South Tyrol

There are shops in South Tyrol that work wool from more than 150 years, such as Zacher  in Innichen,  who, in addition to hats of every shape and material also makes delicious products made by felt, in addition to typical slippers, shoes and suolette you can find home decorations and Christmas decorations.

In addition to Zacher, another very famous manufacturer of felt slippers is Hutstuebele, which also offers online buying and selling points in Bruneck, Brixen, Sterzing and Meran.

Wool slippers produced in South Tyrol,  are not only a pleasant refuge for your feet but also a piece of history of the artisans of here!

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