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Cycle path Etschtal

The Etsch river is the longest river in South Tyrol and runs through the Vinschgau, in the south of Meran.

The river passes later in Trentino and continues to Verona for lead at the end of its route in the Adriatic Sea. From Reschen to Verona, along the river Etsch, there is also the cycle path of the Etschtal. The cycle path, as well as connect the main countries of the area, offers magnificent views of the fields and orchards in the area, especially during spring. Along the trail you can also reach the romantic city of Verona.

More technical information for cyclists:

The trail covers a total of 300 km and it is almost flat. The route is divided into three main parts: the first that goes from Reschen to Meran, length of about 100 km, crossing fields and orchards. The second part goes from Meran to Trento, is about 98 km long and touches many places very beautiful and unusual such as Lake Kaltern and the city of Trento.

The last stretch of 101.5 km connects Trento with Verona, passing by Ala-Avio and Rovereto. The bike path of the Etschtal end in one of the most romantic cities in Veneto, the city of Romeo and Juliet: Verona. A good point of arrival and where do some stops, even for a few days.

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