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Herb Gardens Wipptal

The herb gardens Wipptal consist of two farms, one in Pflersch and one in Wiesen. By organic herb growing there are cultivated lots of refined products from local quality.

The large assortment includes herbs, teas, liqueurs and also beauty products. With different sorts of tea, liqueurs, creams and more you will be spoiled for choice. If you already are a convinced and satisfied costumer, you can order the products online by mail. But if you are not yet sure, you should take a look at one of the farms and its products   it is really worth it.

If you have decided to pay a visit, you can also book a guiding tour with tasting of the precious herb products, lime homemade syrup, several liquors and teas. That is not enough for you? So you even have the possibility to spend your holidays on one of the herb gardens. Winters as summers will amaze you in Pflersch.

Convince yourself of the unique quality of these organic herbs and just relax - whether at home with a cup of tea or during a holiday on the herb farms in Pflersch and Pfitsch.

Further information:

Gabi & Sepp Holzer – Steirerhof
Hintere Gasse 152 – I-39040 Wiesen

Bernhard Auckenthaler – Botenhof
Pflersch 118 – I-39040 Brenner


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