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Tibetan bowls massage

The purpose of these special massage with bells is to stimulate and balance the energy centres.

During the massage the person is lying down and are supported on his body bells in various acupressure points. The bells are affected and made play. Body soul and spirit are stimulated by the sound of fine vibration produced by the metal bowls.

The sound of Tibetan bells is generated from various metal alloys. They are beautiful instruments. For centuries, they were produced throughout Asia, with different methods.

The massage

The massage exercised by the sound of those bells has an even greater value, as is put in direct contact with the sound of planets.

The "planetary bells" are distinguished from each other for a different sound vibration that, in certain situations, is in connection with the duration of the revolution of a planet or other astronomical cycles.

This relationship between the sound of bells and planets was discovered and formulated by the Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Cousto in 1979 and is known as the "Eighth cosmic law."

The action of a bell planetary reaches the effect that corresponds to the principle of the planet on which it depends: it vibrates in resonance with it, at a level of energy.

Everything takes place in silence and meditation. The rest during treatment is very deep, and there are possible changes in body, soul and spirit. It is that massage is not limited to the body, it must be done by competent people and environments suitable.

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