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Shiatsu massage

The Shiatsu is a form of therapy born in Japan at the beginning of the twentieth century by teachers who practiced traditional massage techniques . It derived from traditional Chinese massage.

In shiatsu, the therapist (shiatsuka) enters into relationship with the patient through the direct contact in order to perceive the state of energy balance on which to work. The shiatsuka is in relation to the patient who has faced. There is therefore a two-way relationship between therapist (torì) and patient (ukè) .

A shiatsu massage must be done in a quiet and comfortable environment: generally the patient is lying on the ground on a padded table or sometimes sitting on a low bench or lying on a massage table while the therapist can remain kneeling or standing.

There are treatments consist of a complete sequence of manipulations codified (katà), but it can also be made a specific treatment depending on the problem.

The massage

The handling is generally very pleasant and relaxing and consists of pull and pressure maintained for a few seconds on specific areas. Natural mobility is never forced and are not "loose" vigorously any knots of tension but it always works through a gradual balancing up to get the balance.

The pressure can be exerted with the fingertips, with the knuckles, with the palm of the hands, with the plant foot, with the knee or elbow, depending on the position and intensity of stimulation sought. Usually you prefer not to work directly on the skin, so the patient usually wears a dress or a suit light. Oils or creams are not used as in traditional massage.

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