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Partial massage

He says the word itself, the partial massage is aimed specifically a well-defined part of the body.

Most of the time the party or regret that creates problems for a number of causes: stress, pain, contusions or cask. The ideal remedy in case of tensions or cervical spine, or even in the event of heavy legs. If you want to dissolve in a relatively short time individual parts of the body, a partial massage is ideal to restore the harmony of the organism.

The duration of the massage is around the half hour. It can be done by sitting or lying, depending on the area that must be massaged.

Massage to solving a problem

In the majority of cases this massage is aimed at solving a problem. It is appropriate to rely on expert hands to avoid worsening the situation.

For this type of massages it is very important tu use oils and essences. The essential oils are very dangerous if used in the wrong way, some oils can burn in contact with the skin and cause real burns. Dangerous contact with the eyes or sensitive areas.

Surely choose a massage instead of an anti-inflammatory for contusions or small tears will do much better for our health and balance.

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