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Alpine milk bath

Already since the time of Cleopatra and Poppea, famous for their baths in milk, the beneficial ownership of this precious white liquid are inimitable for who wants to maintain a fishing skin.

And what better place if not the South Tyrol where to find fresh milk. Not to mention the essences and perfumes based natural that there are always in the area, to be added to our milk bath for further enrich and give to our relaxing moments unique.

Mountain Milk: a natural cosmetic

There is nothing more pleasant, let pampered by a refined mixture of different types of mountain milk, enhanced by highly selected essences and herbs. Soul epidermis and there will be grateful!

The milk can be safely called a natural cosmetic that from the outside helps our skin to regenerate and become more elastic. The precious vitamins, especially the B complex and minerals (ex. Calcium, potassium, phosphorus) maintain healthy skin, make beautiful hair and strong nails.

The milk bath, with its components in minerals and proteins, naturally reconvenes in the normal balance of our skin, giving beauty and softness.

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