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Vinschgau Apples Bath

A typical product that identifies South Tyrol are undoubtedly apples, enjoy themselves, used in many dishes and in many beauty treatments.

Apples contain important pectin, vitamins such as A, B, C, E, beta-carotene and also a number of minerals and purifying elements such as potassium, calcium, fluoride, iron.

The fruit acids present in apples have a protector on cells.

The beneficial ownership of apples can be used in comprehensive treatment rising from baths, packs and herbal teas.

Apples for your beauty

The skin is treated with an emulsion base enriched with fresh apple juice. In a cotton cloth soaked in apple vinegar and selected precious salts obtained the maximum of benefit.

Every single apple contains 13 vitamins and different than 20 types of minerals, trace highly effective, pectin and acid derived from fruit. Anything that regenerates, purifies and tones the body in an optimal way.

After a treatment containing apple skin is soft, fragrant and bright, just like apples of South Tyrol.

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