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Wine from Eppan

As the full name of the village already implies, Eppan on the wine route is well-known for its numerous vineyards and wineries producing every year some first-class red and white wines.

On the one hand this is surely due to the sunny and benign climate of Southern South Tyrol, the rolling countryside and the ideally compound soil, because together they create perfect conditions for the cultivation of the different types of grapes. On the other hand of course consistent cultivation plans, special care, passion and experience are necessary to turn the grapes into pronounced wines.

In the wine-growing area of Eppan – the largest one throughout South Tyrol – this is also given. At any time, wine connoisseurs can convince themselves in the local wineries and distilleries. Altogether, they can choose from about 20 types of grapes, among them for example the classic ones such as Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot blanc and Sauvignon, but also Gewürztraminer, Kalterer See, Lagrein and Vernatsch.

Experience wine and nature

Not only experts of the good drops take a pleasure in the idyllic vineyards around Eppan, but also nature lovers. So it would probably best if you would combine the experience of wine and nature.  For instance you can discover the winding paths through the vineyards on foot or by bicycle. In doing so, you can take a break at one of the many wine-growers, who like to open their treasure-houses for guests.

Moreover, in Eppan a whole lot of popular events is dedicated to the nationally and internationally esteemed white and red wines. Pay the wine village in Southern South Tyrol a visit and find out more about the fascination of Eppan and its wine!

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