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Red wines

For over a century two grape varieties – Vernatsch and Lagrein – were grown in South Tyrol!

In addition there were cultivated today also other important classical varieties of grapes, including Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The 65% of total wine area of South Tyrol and nurtured with red wine.

Although the Vernatsch wine continues to play the leading role, even the "big red" of South Tyrol, Lagrein decided to vigorous Cabernet, continue to draw upon himself the international attention.

Our recommendation:

South Tyrolean red wines

  • Vernatsch: The Vernatsch is a lightweight low tannic, pale ruby to clear up red ruby. It has a faint flavour and pleasantly fruity.
  • Lagrein: Kretzer or Rosé is a wine coloured rose up to ruby clear, with delicate fragrance and pleasant.
  • Pinot noir: is a wine red to ruby red grenade, highly tannic, with an intense and ethereal.
  • Merlot: is a red wine pleasantly asprigno originating in France, red grenade until dark red grenade.
  • Cabernet: is part of red wines full of body, the colour red to red grenade intense, with a full and terreo perfume and a slightly bitter taste.
  • Moscato rosa: is a dessert wine and delicate aroma of Sicilian origin, from pale ruby red colour and an intense perfume of rose.
  • Malvasia: is a red wine clear with reflections salmon colour, with a particular fragrance and at the same time fine and delicate.

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