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Labyrinth garden Kränzel

The idea of this unique garden was born due to the desire of the owner - Count Franz Graf Pfeil - to create something for himself and his family - and also for those who want to come to visit it.

Each year the curatorium Kränzel in Tscherms invites many artists to decorate the garden, each time following a different theme. The visitors feel like if they were in a dream - with the eyes wide open.

Every place in the labyrinth garden is full of atmosphere and magic, your children will have to admire the works of art scattered around the garden that resemble goblins and spirits of the forest.

To welcome you there is a house made of larch wood, where adults can buy fine wines and where you can buy tickets for the maze.

There are 2 labyrinths: On the one hand a spiral maze surrounded by a sleeping dragon. The winding path there is covered with stone slabs and plants of thyme.

On the other hand a big maze covering an area of 3,300 m², with a 1,500 m long route bordered by 10 different types of vines. The labyrinth was designed by the great master Gernot Candolini.

In addition, you and your family will find 7 gardens, including the Garden of chestnut trees, the Garden of eternal rest, the Garden of fruits and grove of Cornioli.