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Horse riding in South Tyrol

You can make holidays in South Tyrol to go hiking or mountain bike tours or to play golf. But only a few holiday makers know, that South Tyrol is perfect for a holiday on horseback.

It is true: South Tyrol is a paradise for horse and riders. South Tyrol’s tourism associations have done a lot to make paths livestock-friendly, without disturbing bikers or hikers. Beside of that there exist many riding farms and riding hotels, where professional riding-lessons were offered.

South Tyrol is the land of the Haflinger horses. Who does not know the blond horses whit the blowing mane? The Haflinger horses are all around in South Tyrol, they love children and a perfect for exploring the landscapes and alpine pastures.

An ideal place to explore on horseback is the hilly plateau of Ritten above Bozen. There you can do wonderful more-day trekking tours and hiking rides. Many farms are offering guided tours, board inclusive. Imagine riding on your horse in the sunset, to make a romantic fire under a sky full of stars and to spend the night there. Wonderful!

Also in Pustertal there are a lot of beautiful trekking path, which leads you trough meadows, woods and mountain pastures. Most of the horse farm will give you the opportunity to test your riding ability in an outdoor riding ring. Taking some lesson is surely recommendable. By the way: also the Vinschgau, Meran's surroundings and the Tauferer Ahrntal are perfect for riding holidays!

If you do not want to leave your horse at home, you can bring it also to South Tyrol. But get informed before, if your host offers guest-horse-boxes!

Holiday on a riding farm in South Tyrol

Do you want to experience the warmth of the sun on your back and a light breeze in your face amidst a breathtakingly beautiful mountain landscape? If so, a holiday on a riding farm in South Tyrol would be just the thing for you.

Saddle up, mount and set off!

Here you will be able to breathe the air of freedom on horseback and spend time discovering the unique landscape of South Tyrol out on a hack, whilst you leave your children to play with the ponies in the meadow. Your time will fly by in the company of not only horses, but also other four-legged creatures living on the farm! Choose a holiday on a riding farm as a starting point for your rural adventure: where else can horse lovers both indulge their hobby and spoil themselves after a day in the saddle with tasty local dishes prepared by the farmer’s wife?

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