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Haflinger horse race

Where: Racecourse, Meran
Region: Meran and environs

The popular and well-attended Haflinger horse races takes place every year on Easter Monday at the race-course in Meran in South Tyrol.

After the race is before the race. In addition to the horse race itself there will be also an attractive supporting program: In the morning, at 10.30 am, there is a Haflinger parade starting in the centre of Meran, accompanied by music bands and floats.

Between one and another horse-race people will be entertained with Western-riding, a trotting-race and a race of three-year stallions. It will be exiting!

About the Haflinger horses:

The Haflinger horse is a robust and tough horse race. Moreover, it is attributed to be attentive and good natured. The horse can therefore be applied for therapeutic purposes. Norbert Rier (lead singer of the very popular band Kastelruther Spatzen) is probably the most famous South Tyrolean Haflinger holder.

Further information:

Horse racecourse Meran
Rennstallweg 37 – I-39012 Meran
Phone: +39 0473 446 222

Haflinger horse race
Sport Sport
Tradition Tradition
Entertainment Entertainment
  • 13/04/2020
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