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Climbing parks around Bozen

The southern part of South Tyrol is not really a hotspot for climbers, because the rocks are often crumbly and not always suited for ascents. Nevertheless there are some interesting climbing areas.

The most important and also most popular crags can be found around the village Kurtatsch. There is located one of the most difficult routes called “Ehrenfels” (8b+).

Morderplotta - Kurtatsch

With its about 45 medium difficult climbing tours this area is one of the largest ones in Bozen & environs. Here climbing is possible also during the colder month.

  • Journey: From Bozen to Kurtatsch and towards Fennberg. In the hairpin bends before Fennberg there are several parking spaces on both parts of the street.
  • Access: The climbing rocks are reachable within a 15-minutes walk following the path with the number 1.  
  • Routes: 32 routes between 6a and 6c, 13 more till 7c, 1 in the degree of difficulty 8a.

Unterlegstoan - Fennberg

This climbing park is well-known among ambitious and athletic climbers. For beginners however there are no suitable tours, because the lime rocks are partly overhanging and demand good technique and perseverance.

  • Journey: To Kurtatsch and towards Fennberg, then park after the inn “Boarenwald” in a right-hand bend.
  • Access: First you have to take the street towards Fennberg; then you go left hand over the beam barriers and on a steep track in a few minutes to the climbing area.
  • Routes: 8 routes between 6a and 6c, 18 more up to 7c, 12 in the level of difficulty 8a and 8b.

Garbe - Salurn

This is the southernmost climbing park in South Tyrol and at the same time one of the smallest ones. Anyhow the shadowy, plate limestone in Salurn is recommendable for average climbers – and above all on hot summer days.

  • Journey: To Neumarkt and then towards Salurn/Trient, passing Laag and next to a chapel you have to turn left towards “Baita Garba”, park there.
  • Access: Follow for 15 minutes the gravel path to the climbing walls.
  • Routes: 1 Tour in the degree of difficulty 5a, 8 between 6a and 6c and 1 in 7a and 7b.

Mühlen - Truden

This large crag with two sectors ranks among the best ones in Bozen and environs and offers tours on limestone. Hiking trails and the base have been renovated some years ago. Please note that the climbing rocks are located in the nature park Trudner Horn.

  • Journey: To Neumarkt or Auer, then to Montan and there towards Glen/Truden respectively Mühlen/Truden; parking site next to the inn “Zur Mühle”.
  • Access: The first sector is reachable from the parking place on a signposted field path. The other one is accessible on the trail with the number 12 towards “Cisloner Alm”.  
  • Routes: 4 routes in the levels of difficulty 3 and 4, 20 between 5a and 5c, 41 more up to 6c and 1 7a.

Hintersegg - Graun

This is the best tip for beginners and unhurried climbers in the environs of Bozen. The crag in Graun disposes of many easy routes on ledges or vertical climbing walls.

  • Journey: To Kurtatsch, towards Graun and then park next to the inn “Adler”.
  • Access: From the parking place you take the sloping street southwards. From the first left turn a path leads in about 10 minutes to the climbing tours.
  • Routes: 6 tours in the degree of difficulty 4, 8 between 5a and 5c and 8 more up to 6b.

Marino Stenico - Fondo

In fact this climbing park is situated already in the neighbouring province Trentino, but over the Mendel pass it is easily reachable also for South Tyrolean climbers. All in all it is a quite family-friendly crag with limestone and tours in all levels of difficulty.

  • Journey: From Bozen to Mendel pass, to Fondo, to the lake “Lago Smeralda” and to the parking site about 2 km afterwards next to a barrier.
  • Access: First you have to follow the walk “Sedarno”, then the signs to the climbing park.
  • Routes: 8 tours up to 5a, 17 between 6a and 6c, 10 more up to 7c.

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