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Alpine tours in South Tyrol

Hiking and climbing beyond the 3,000 m limit! Of course, also untroubled hikes from mountain hut to mountain hut are pleasant experiences, as well as easy summit tours to rewarding viewpoints.

Often you get another point of view already some meters above the bottom of the valley. You see the highest mountain tops of the Alps or the rugged rock faces of the Dolomites. Nevertheless, it is totally another experience if you see all that sitting next to the cross on the summit of one of these high mountains and above you, there is only the blue sky.

South Tyrol is the perfect place for alpine tours beyond the 3,000 m limit. Famous names as Löffler, Similaun and Ortler are well-known among mountain lovers and all these mountains are reachable. Obviously you have to be quite fit, because you usually have to manage more than 1,500 of difference in altitude and often walk about 8 hours. But don’t worry, many alpine tours in South Tyrol can be made also in two days: The first day you walk to the alpine hut and the next morning to the summit.

On the following pages we present you some of the best alpine tours in South Tyrol. For all of them you need a good condition, mountain experience and the right equipment. Under these conditions, the tours are not difficult, because there are cited the normal routes.

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