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Egetmann Shrovetide Pageant

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The Egetmann Shrovetide Pageant is one of the oldest carnival customs of South Tyrol and at the same time one of the most spectacular ones.

The Egetmann Shrovetide Pageant has a very long tradition and history and it is one of the most striking carnival parades anywhere in the Alps. More than 30 characters take part in the parade, and every one of them has a singular task. The goal is it to chase away the winter and to welcome the spring.

Description of the parade

The parade is opened by the trumpeter, followed by farmers on horseback and their labourers and by farmers brandishing long whips ("Ausschnöller"). They are followed by the stewards, whose job is to keep the route of the pageant free of obstruction.

Behind them, there comes all the rest of the farmers with their ancient implements for working the land, accompanying a cart containing seed-corn (symbolically depicted by wood-shavings, hay and dust).

In turn, they are followed by the central character, the Egetmann Hansl, a dummy in a black jacket, top hat and white gloves travelling in an open carriage, accompanied by his servant. In front, next to the driver there sits the bride, transforming the parade into a marriage procession. Subsequently, the "Wild man" the "Green and the white Bear", "Burglweibele" and "Burgltreiber" take part of the parade.

This parade is a custom you absolutely have to see! Another parade is the Zusslparade in Vinschgau. Find out, what will happen on carnival in South Tyrol.

Further information:
Organizer: Egetmann AssociationTramin
Street: Weinstraße 32
Venue: I-39040 Tramin
Tel.: +39 335 377 148
On: Tuesday 21. February 2023
Time: 13:00 o'clock
Village centre - Tramin an der Weinstraße
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Egetmann Verein/Antie Braito

Egetmann Verein/Antie Braito

Egetmann Verein/Antie Braito

Egetmann Verein/Antie Braito

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