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Ulten farm run

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A special running experience – the farm run "Ultner Höfelauf" gives its participants the opportunity to discover the Ulten Valley with all its beautiful features, may it be from an athletic, cultural, culinary and scenic point of view. Do not miss this event!

On 23rd July 2023, the Ultner Höfelauf, the famous popular sports event, takes place again. As every year, the track runs along the well-known path "Ultner Höfeweg", from Kuppelwies to St. Gertraud and from there back to Kuppelwies on the other side of the valley.

Also this year, there will be present many participants from far and near. The race is subdivided into 8 categories:

  • “Bärele”: 50 m
  • Kids (S): 0.5 km or 1.0 km
  • Special Olympics run (SPO-L): 0.5 km
  • Special Olympics “Guat Gongen” (SPO-G): 8.5 km
  • General public Sport (VS): 8 km
  • General public Hobby (VH): 8 km
  • Classical style (K): 18 km
  • “Guat gongen” (going well) (G): 8.5 km

The Ulten farm run is ideal for those who love challenging tracks in the middle of a breathtaking mountain scenery. The tradition and hearty hospitality of the Ulten Valley is also very inviting and makes the participation at the Höfelauf a special experience.

Of course, connoisseurs and sports lovers are offered a marvellous culinary framework programme in occasion of the Höfelauf. “Guat Gessn” stands for delicious products of the region, delightfully prepared dishes and musical accompaniment at its best at the lake in the finish area. Moreover, the little ones may enjoy a rich children’s programme.

Being there is everything: Take the opportunity and enrol yourselves! Your starter kit guarantees you a complete service during the race and many beautiful gifts. The most successful participants are rewarded with typical products from the Ulten Valley, material prices and cups.

Further information:
Organizer: Tourist office Ultental/Proveis
Street: St. Walburg 104
Venue: I-39016 Ulten
Tel.: +39 0473 795 387
On: Sunday 23. July 2023
Ultner Höfeweg - hiking path along historical farms - St. Walburg

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