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Where: Rabenstein, Moos in Passeier
Region: Passeiertal
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An ancient custom and modern sports: A very special event full of fun and action in the Passeiertal valley shows that these two things are very well-suited!

The 15th edition of the "Psairer Bauernmeisterschaft" (literal translation: farmer’s championship) will take place on Sunday, 26th January 2020 in Rabenstein near Moos in Passeier. During this event, for participants and the crowd the sporting aspect is not unimportant, but fun and tradition have the predominant role. 

Hay pulling & ice climbing

The "Bauernmeisterschaft" is a duathlon, so the two-man teams have to provide proof of their ability in two disciplines. The so-called "Haiziecher" (athlete who pulls the hay) is the first to start and dedicates himself to the old tradition of hay pulling. He has to pull a sledge loaded with hay weighing 150 kilogram across a 400 metres long course. 

As soon as he gets to the ice tower, the sporty and modern ice climber continues the race. He has to ascend the 25 meters high ice tower with all speed. 

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Photos © Ice tower Rabenstein

"Bauernmeisterschaft" "Bauernmeisterschaft" "Bauernmeisterschaft"
Sport Sport
Tradition Tradition
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  • 26/01/2020
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