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Tour de Sas

Where: St. Leonhard, Abtei
Region: Alta Badia

The Tour de Sas is a wonderful, but strenuous ski touring competition in the nature park Fanes-Sennes-Prags. The number of participants is limited to 300, so the starting positions are in great demand. And just to make it clear: Beginners have no business here.

Almost only professionals take part in the race and even they know: If a checkpoint isn’t reached within the specified time, the contender will be prematurely disqualified. And so he’ll lose the chance to get score points for the Italy Cup.

Moreover, the fastest athletes of each category get a respectable prize money. That’s more than deserved after all the exertion. On a track of about 16 kilometers they have to cope with five ascents and descents with all in all about 1,600 meters of difference in altitude.

Ready, steady, go!

The race starts just where it ends in St Leonhard in Abtei, with the sole difference that all competitors start together, but they won’t cross the finish line at the same time. After the strenuous competition the participants are first received with a pasta in the club house. That’s also where the presentation ceremony will be held.

The snowy mountain scenery of the nature park in Alta Badia would be worth a visit on its own. In addition, the racers just as the organizers will do their utmost to offer you an exciting and thrilling racing day!

Further information:

Badia Sport
Phone: +39 320 096 6682
E-Mail: posta(at)

Tour de Sas
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  • 29/01/2017
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