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Alpine Duathlon

Where: Main square, Niederdorf
Region: Hochpustertal

On Easter Monday, 9th April 2012 the best and fittest jocks will meet on the main square in Niederdorf for the fastidious Alpine Duathlon in the disciplines mountain biking and ski touring.

Altogether the race in Hochpustertal at the period between winter and spring comprises a distance of almost 15 kilometers and the participants have to do them on a suitable mountain bike and on skis. 

The first, 9.5 kilometer long part on the cycle goes from Niederdorf to Brückele in Prags. There the bikes are swapped with ski boots and skis, in order to the pasture Stolleralm and the mountain hut Plätzwiese, which are about 5 kilometers away from there. 

Duathlon between winter and spring

Every duathlon is a challenge and requires best fitness, drive and stamina for two different kinds of sport. The classic disciplines of two- and three-event competitions are running, cycling and swimming. The latter isn’t really suitable for the edition in Hochpustertal at the end of the winter. Therefore it is replaced with ski touring, requiring good physical preparation, too. 

Registrations for the Alpine Duathlon are possible at the tourist office in Niederdorf till Friday before Easter (phone: +39 0474 745 136).

Alpine Duathlon
Sport Sport
09:30 - 13:00
  • 09/04/2012
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