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Hiking with ArcAlpin

Where: Mountains in South Tyrol, Völs am Schlern
Region: Seiser Alm-Schlern

Bang on time for the warm season the mountain guides of ArcAlpin have compiled a various hiking program for the summer 2011 in South Tyrol’s mountains.

Sa 7/5 - Rosszähne/Laimburg

The mountains called Rosszähne are composed of a clutch of porphyry rocks, the environs are a historical settlement area of the Raeti. 

Sa 14/5 - Waterfalls of Barbian

The tour starts in Barbian and leads to the waterfalls of the same name, then to Bad Dreikirchen, a thermal spring with three little churches. 

Sa 21/5 - High altitude mountain tour Leifers

The high altitude mountain tour of Leifers takes course along the steep hillsides of the valley Brantental and offers special views to the surrounding mountains. The farm Hoggerhof is the end of the hike and provides typical specialties. 

Sa 28/5 - St Andreas Church in Lengstein/Ritten

This excursion leads on a very old and well preserved mule track to the little church of St Andreas and to the farm Zunerhof in Lengstein, Ritten. 

Sa 4/6 - Hochbichl/Eppan

The walking-tour starts in the district Gaid/Eppan and ends on Mt. Gantkofel. It is an excursion through the “wild” side of these mountains, with a wonderful view to the valley. 

Sa 25/6 - Mutspitze/Meran

From Dorf Tirol the cable way brings us to the farm Muthof and from there we walk to Mt. Mutspitze and Karjoch. The way back leads over the mountain pasture Leiteralm. 

Sa 2/7 - High altitude mountain tour Pflersch/Tribulaun

This is a quite unknown crossing on the steep rock faces of Mt. Tribulaun, demanding sure footedness and being free of dizziness, but offering fascinating panoramas. 

15-17/7 - On the traces of Ötzi

3-day tour on the traces of Ötzi on the occasion of the twenty-year jubilee of the sensational discovery – starting in Vent in Ötztal, ascent to the mountain hut Similaun, to Mt. Hauslabjoch and eventually to Mt. Similaun. 

Sa 20/8 - Mandlspitz/Proveis-Nonstal

This tour leads to a lonely summit in the valley Nonstal. Starting point is Proveis. From there we walk to the mountain hut Manzara and then we have the possibility to climb the mountain top – far away from hustle and bustle. 

Sa 27/8 - Matatzspitz/Passeiertal

We start in the district Christl above St. Leonhard and scale the crest and the top of Mt. Matatzspitze that offers a breathtaking panoramic view. Alternatively you can just go to the mountain hut Waalerhütte, surmounting only 500 m of difference in altitude. 

Sa 3/9 - Dürrenstein/Pustertal

The trail starts next to the mountain inn Plätzwiese. First it leads to the alpine pasture Dürrensteinalm, then to the summit of Mt. Dürrenstein, one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Dolomites. 

Sa 10/9 + Su 11/9. - Rosengarten

Saturday: Trip to Gardeccia, passing a steep track and the mountain pass Passo Lausa. Descent to pass Grasleiten and overnight stay in the mountain hut Grasleitenhütte. Sunday: Descent along the valley Grasleitentale to the farm Tschamin and Tiers.

Sa 17/9 - Nigglberg/Tiersertal

We start in Weißlahnbad and hike on a nice path to the alpine hut Tschafon. There we have to manage the arduous climb to the summit of Mt. Nigglberg.

Sa 24/9 - Hirzer/Passeiertal

A steep track leads from the mountain station of the cableway to the top of Mt. Hirzer with a dreamlike view to the Sarntal Alps. 

Sa 1/10 - Sarner Scharte

This mountain top on the brink of the high plateau of Ritten attracts due to its unique view to some of the most famous mountains in the northeastern Dolomites. 

Sa 8/10 - Weißhorn and Schwarzhorn/Jochgrimm

An autumnal tour to two summits: first to Mt. Schwarzhorn and then for all those, who have enough energy, to the opposing Mt. Weißhorn. 

Sa 15/10 - Tresner Horn/Fennberg

Starting point is Fennberg, from there we reach the anticline of the same name and finally Mt. Tresner Horn. This is a nice walking-tour in the sunny side of southern South Tyrol. 

Sa 22/10 - Madruttberg/Laag-Gfrill

This tour begins in the district Laag in Neumarkt. The circular tramping track around Mt. Madruttberg leads through a very calm and lonely regions of the nature park Trudner Horn. 

Sa 29/10 - Törggelen

Autumn hike marked by tradition: We walk through chestnut groves and vineyards, from farm to farm and taste new wine and traditional specialties. 

Further information and registration: 

ArcAlpin - Mountain guide Helmut Kritzinger
Phone: +39 338 200 3388

Hiking with ArcAlpin
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07/05/2011 - 29/10/2011
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