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St Martin’s Market

Where: Girlan, Eppan an der Weinstraße
Region: Southern South Tyrol

The temperatures are quite low, the days shorter than before and on sad November days diversion is necessary - for example the colorful St Martin’s Market in Girlan.

For the inhabitants of the villages Girlan, Eppan and environs Martinmas is an important holiday, because it is a name day, parish fair and the end of harvest time.

Therefore many people don’t work or allow themselves at least some free period, in order to enjoy the vivid market life that starts early in the morning and finishes late in the evening. 

When the marketers pack up the remaining goods on the stands, the celebrations go on – in fact in the countless wine cellars in Girlan.

Photos: © Helmuth Rier - Tourist office Eppan

St Martin’s Market St Martin’s Market St Martin’s Market St Martin’s Market St Martin’s Market
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  • 11/11/2019
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