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Music & More

Where: Thermal bath, Meran
Region: Meran and environs

In summer we spend relaxing moments outdoors in the evening, enjoying the cool, sipping a cocktail, making chat with friends and listening to good music!

The thermal baths Meran promise for the summer evenings, something truly unique: the evenings on the terrace of the Bistro "Music & More in Meran".

Every Tuesday and Thursday from June to September, after a few pleasant hours in the sauna, you can continue to relax from 08.00 to 11.00 pm, in the terrace of Bistro.

The program:

05/06  Quartetto Desueto Big Band
07/06  Rolando Biscuola & Gianni Ghirardini
12/06  Benno Simma Quintet
14/06  Degni Di Nota
19/06  Jack Freezone & The Swinin' Ciccioli
21/06  Lukas Insam Trio
26/06  Nartan & Friends

03/07  Sabrina Gagliano Jazz Trio
05/07  3iO
10/07  SirJo feat. The Founda(c)tion Rhythm Section
12/07  All Eyes On
17/07  Helga Plankensteiner Trio
19/07  James Thompson Band
24/07  Jack Freezone & The Swinin' Ciccioli
26/07  Giorgio Cappelletto Trio
31/07  Quartetto Desueto

02/08  Nicli, Borsetto & Sacchin
07/08  Francesco Piu
14/08  No Plastik
16/08  Son Latina
21/08  Batiba
23/08  10 strings project
28/08  The Seven Friends Notes
30/08  Alma Manouche

04/09  Zata So Sings Trio

Further information:

Bistro Therme Meran
Tel.: +39 0473 252 043

Music & More
Music Music
Entertainment Entertainment
20:00 - 23:00
05/06/2012 - 04/09/2012
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