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Weaving in South Tyrol

A nearly forgotten craft! The weaver was a much respected and often visited craftsman until the end of the 19th century. Especially the weaver guild of Innichen was well-known in Europe. Today, there are only a few people in South Tyrol keeping this Medieval profession alive.

One of them is Herman Kühebacher from Innichen who learned weaving during his trips through Scotland and Ireland. His product range includes blankets, carpets, mufflers, towels, tablecloths and many more. Kühebacher uses Alpaca, Vicuña or Kashmir wool and sometimes also silk. But he minds about fair trade and buy his ware only from small corporations.

The luxury of crafting

Hand-weaved products by Herman Kühebacher are not only particularly beautiful. All of his products are single pieces, which will last a whole life long. Visit Herman in his workshop in Niederdorf.

Other weaving companies in South Tyrol

  • FRANZ – Bruneck
  • Ulbrich – Bruneck
  • Pedevilla – St. Vigil in Enneberg
  • Nagler – Pederoa/Wengen
  • GAIDRA – Pederoa/Wengen
  • Unterweger – Sarntal
  • Webkunst – Telfes/Ratschings

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