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Roland Trettl

The kitchen globetrotter! Roland Trettl is known by gourmets since his latest role as chef in the restaurant Ikarus in the legendary Hangart7 in Salzburg.

There he held together, what is not really together. Namely, a restaurant, which every 4 weeks changes completely and where every month another talented chef swung his spoons. When realising his innovative restaurant concept, Trettl found the star-chefs around the world, meeting chefs, learning their special cuisine and engaging them for a month in the concept-restaurant Ikarus. In fact, the culinary creations at “Ikarus” changed every month. However, Trettl successfully kept up a common theme – and collect more than one award for his project.

From South Tyrol to international kitchens

We South Tyroleans are so proud of Roland Trettl because he indeed is a South Tyrolean. In 1971, Roland was born in Bozen and began playing hockey, as well as working as a pool attendant and DJ. He gathered his first cooking experience in the parental hotel. Later,he was doing his apprenticeships at “Parkhotel Holzner” in Oberbozen and at Restaurant “Amadé” in Bozen.

Then, he decided to leave South Tyrol and applied to Eckart Witzigmann, the world's known cooking guru from Germany. In fact, he engaged him. Here, Roland earned recognition and laid the foundation for his later professional life. After training in Munich (restaurants “Aubergine” and “Tantris”), he moved to Mallorca, where he managed a small restaurant with fine international cuisine by Witzigmann, the "Ca’s Puers". As well, Trettl was very successful cooking at “Marine Terrace” in Tokyo. It did not last long and he became Witzigmann’s right-hand man – so he got his first Michelin star in Spain in 1999.

Chef with a thousand talents

After various excursions to international restaurants and always looking for new challenges, Trettl came to “Ikarus” in 2003. Under the patronage of Witzigmann, this restaurant had realised a unique concept with guest chefs for some time. Trettl continued with this idea as executive chef for more than 10 years with over 100 guest chefs from the whole world – and was more than successful.

In 2013, the celebrity chef has begun to strike new paths, left the Hangar-7 and has been working in many other fields, giving importance to cooking sometimes more and sometimes less. In fact, the all-round talent, who lives with his wife Daniela and his son Diego in Bad Reichenhall, writes (cookery) books, designs kitchens, creates menus for canteens and shows his abilities as a carpenter, tailor and cheese producer.

Not to mention his qualities as TV and show master, which he has proved side by side with German chef Tim Mälzer, as jury member of the cooking show “The Taste”, as coach at ”Karawane der Köche” or at the cooking battle “Kitchen Impossible”. Connecting cuisine and entertainment, the chefs inspire a wide audience. Since some years, he has been the host of the German dating show "First Dates" as well. Let’s see what comes next.

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