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5-star hotels in South Tyrol

In a 5-star hotel, it is all about luxury, comfort and extravagance. Guests are given an incomparable holiday, where nothing is left to be desired.

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Embedded in dreamlike landscapes and equipped with all kinds of comfort, the 5-star hotels in South Tyrol are the perfect place for spending extraordinary holidays. With five stars, a hotel has reached the peak in its sector and it is no exaggeration, when they claim to belong to the best, classiest and most luxurious accommodation structures in the world.

Relax during a soothing massage and the service attends to every whim and fancy. Many 5-star hotels in South Tyrol offer a sauna, a jacuzzi and even more in their spacious suites. The gourmet dinner can also be served at your room if you wish. Of course, all the staff knows your preferences, food allergies and similar things. No matter which other wishes do you have – they will be fulfilled, and a varied programme of leisure activities in offered too.

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