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Mandatory ski helmets

“Topless”? Never! Since a few years children under 14 years have to wear a ski helmet in all skiing areas in South Tyrol and also in the rest if Italy. But also more and more adults decide to wear a ski helmet.

Why not? Such a ski helmet protects against severe head injuries, but also against the cold wind and finally, it looks stylish. The skiing regions in South Tyrol are some of the most popular in the Alps. Accordingly, there are always a lot of skiers and snowboarders. Ski crashes happen often because many skiers overestimate themselves and ski to fast and other ones confuse the slopes with snow parks. A helmet can save life.

Why should skiers wear a helmet?

Studies had shown that a ski helmet protects everyone against head injuries. When you buy a helmet try him out and take only this one which matches perfectly. The size of the helmet is crucial for the security.

But also the perfect-matching helmet helps nothing if you don’t close him correct. We observed often how parents draw up careless the helmet on their children’s head, without worrying about closing the ski helmet. If the kid falls, the helmet would drop away and the child is unprotected! Such a thing isn’t acceptable!

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