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Equipment for ski touring

In South Tyrol, the ski touring season starts at the beginning of December and lasts – depending on temperature and snow conditions – to the end of May.

To avoid bad surprises skiers have to adhere to some rules and to bring along some necessary basic in their backpack. What do you have to pack in when you start for a ski tour? Take a look at our checklist to see what absolutely has to be in your backpack!

Checklist for your ski touring backpack

  • Avalanche shovel and probe: How you know, the avalanche transceiver is to be worn directly on the body and not carried in the backpack. Avalanche shovel and probe however are a must.
  • Map and tour description: In the back country there are no sign-posted paths. Because of that and for better orientation please take a map and the tour description with you, also to see what exposition the current slopes have.
  • Crampons: For steep icy, exposed ascents or that frustrating icy skin tracks, crampons are recommended. They should always be in the backpack.
  • Ski and sun glasses: The sun is very powerful in winter and can harm your eyes. During the ascent you have to wear sun glasses and during the descent high quality ski goggles.
  • Sun cream: What is true for the eyes is true for the skin, too. Take a good sun cream with you.
  • Beverages: Ski touring and particularly the ascent is very arduous. So, take a lot of beverages with you, at least 1 l tea or isotonic drinks. The longer the tour is the more beverages have to be in the backpack.
  • Food: For ski touring you need a lot of power. Dried fruit, chocolate, bananas or power-bars help you to keep strong and to manage the ascent and the descent.
  • Clothes to change: Sweated clothes have to be immediately changed arrived at the summit to avoid cooling down. Only with dry clothes you will keep warm.
  • Helmet: A helmet protects you from head injuries. Take a helmet in your backpack and put it on when you descend.
  • Camera: To share your experiences in the back country nothing is better that making some photos and send them to friends and family or to post them on social networks!

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